Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Little Birdie

We are trying to sell our house right now, so when we have visits, I have to pack up my baby and my dog and find something to do outside of the house. Sometimes we go to the marina and look at the ducks and swing on the swings. Sometimes we go for a drive so my baby can sleep. Today's visit was between 11 am - 1 pm, and we went to my friend's house who lives just a few minutes away. I grabbed some takeout for myself on the way, and when we arrived at my friend's, I brought the dog to the back of her house so he could play outside. Then I let out my friend's dog to play with him. My baby and I had a nice time inside... we had lunch, played and looked at the cat.

As I was getting all my stuff together to leave, and doing multiple trips back and forth between the house and the truck, I noticed something on the ground along the cedars beside my friend's driveway. So I walked over, and there was a little bird there. Not super new, but not very old either. It had the starts of real feathers, but couldn't hold its wings out or its head up, and I could see it was struggling to breathe.

My friend doesn't have a landline, and I don't have a cell phone, so I went over to my friend's neighbour's to see if she knew who we could call to help out the little bird. Maybe 3-1-1 (the city) or the SPCA were my thoughts. She said she'd come over and see the bird, so she came over and thought that there was really nothing that could be done for the bird. She said she'd get a bag to pick up the bird to dispose of it. So while she went back to her place, I started to get a little emotional. When she returned, we talked a bit more about this little bird and exhausted any options we could think of to help it.

She picked up the little bird with a paper towel and turned it over (it had been face down) and it opened up its big beak because it was hungry. At this point, I started bawling my eyes out... huge huge tears, because I know the little guy was just starving and its momma must have gone out to get food and the bird got tossed out of the tree by the wind and the momma must have come back to the nest with one less little birdie in there. I told the neighbour that I know it's just a bird, but it's someone's baby. And she agreed with me, although she must have thought I was nuts.

We were able to find what may have been the bird's nest, but were unable to return the bird to it. The neighbour took the bird away so my dog and my friend's dog wouldn't get to it. And this little bird and its momma have been on my mind since. I wish there is something we could have done. Poor little birdie. Poor momma.

Just me,



  1. Hi. I just replied to your thread in MckMama's bf community, so I decided to check out your blog :) That is a sad story. I always get teary when it involves baby birds. I would not have thought you were nuts, I would have been bawling right there with you! Good luck with your hair problem - I will pray for you that it's just temporary. Shannon

  2. It is an unsettling time selling a house. The stress of keeping it looking perfect all the time and the worry about if it will sell and if you will get as much as you want for it. It leaves you in a limbo. It is no wonder your are emotionally fragile. Look after yourself and your little girl. You will get through this time. We moved countries 4 years ago and it was so hard but life is good and settled now. Your story brought the memories back. I wish you well!