Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kayleigh Anne Freeman 06/23/08 - 05/11/09

Kayleigh's story is one that has touched me like no other. It has certainly made me think about and question my non-existing relationship with the God I don't actually believe in. Nonetheless, I have smiled and cried with the Freemans as they prepared for Kayleigh's arrival home, only to have to watch her leave and go to her eternal home in heaven.

Sunday was the memorial for Kayleigh, and her family released pink balloons in her honour with the following message:

It was actually supposed to read "Our One Pound Miracle from God", but I had forgotten the scrap piece of paper where I had written down what I was supposed to write at home, and wrote this particular tag from memory. If that made any sense.

Savannah and I went and released a balloon from Champlain Lookout in the Gatineau Park - certainly the closest place to heaven in our neck of the woods. I smiled as our balloon fought with the wind and tried with all its might to leave for the skies, and shed a tear as it soared up to the heavens. What an amazing thing, for sure!

I continue to think of dear Adam and Aimee and their children Allyson and Braydon, as well as sweet Kayleigh. I hope they continue to be strong as they adjust to their new 'normal' without sweet Kayleigh in their arms.
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